Third World Don gives to the fatherless

by Jul 7, 2023News

Third World Don gives to the fatherless

Jamaican-born rapper, hip hop and record producer Third World Don will today be donating an attractive Back-To-School package to a fatherless child in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

This, the first phase of the donation, will include a gift basket and cash award. The presentation will be made at the graduation ceremony of St. John’s Primary School, where the student attends.

The name of the recipient will not be revealed before the presentation, and there are speculations as to who is likely to cop this prestigious award.

The award is outside the area of academic excellence as Third World Don explains. “Traditionally, almost all awards are based on academic achievements; whilst this is what education is geared towards, there are students who are excellent in, say, sports and the performing arts. They, too, have promoted their schools and should be recognized.”

Today’s awardee is a fatherless child, which is another important criterion. Just for Peace International, based in Spanish Town, goes through a list of fatherless children in need of academic support. This is also the committee that has been monitoring awardees over the years.

Scores of children in Spanish Town have been left without a father due to circumstances beyond their control. Some have been innocently murdered, leaving their families without a breadwinner.
Third World Don’s biggest break came when he joined Wizard Sleeve. Their hit song “Riverside (Let’s Go!)” reached number one on the UK dance chart. This led to several tours for the rapper.

Additionally, he has done successful singles, including “Blessed,” “Kelly Price,” and “Heaven,” while collaborating with acts like T-Pain and Trina. His albums read “Third World Don,” “Not A Rapper,” and “Trenchtown.”

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