Anna-Kay prepares for Fully Bright Season Two

by Aug 29, 2023News

Anna-Kay prepares for Fully Bright Season Two

Fully Bright dancer Anna-Kay, born Anne-Kay Francis, is anticipating a brighter season when Fully Bright’s Dr. Garth “Shaka Pow” McDonald and other members begin to roll into schools this September 2023.

“I was very excited when Shaka Pow gave me the opportunity to be a part of such a rewarding initiative. I had decided to join, mainly for fun and experience, and to give back to our children and schools.”

“As a mother of three children going to school, I know the responsibilities of parents and the importance of a good education.”

“Three schools that were unforgettable were Inswood High, Excelsior High, and Papine High. For Inswood, it was the excitement of students who were willing to showcase their talent. In the case of Excelsior, it was the staging of a Fully Bright Prize Giving for academic-driven students, and Dr. McDonald’s inspiring speech.”

“Papine High was awesome. In the absence of Dr. McDonald, there were no shortcomings. We had learnt a lot from him and performed excellently with the Papine High School choir and band adding enough spice to the Fully Bright team.”

“We covered some 30 schools, including graduation exercise; the majority based in the Corporate Area.”

“I am convinced that our program was highly popular based on the response of not only Principals and teachers but students and parents.”

“The endorsement from the Minister of Education, Dr. Fayval Williams, gave us the confidence to continue for another season.”

Anna-Kay was born in August Town, Kingston, and attended Papine High School. “I was born a dancer and have been entertaining families and friends since I was two years old.”

“My father is a singer who would take me to stage shows where I performed and got cash in return.”

“I got a scholarship from Papine High to Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts, then taught dance lessons at August Town Primary.”

“I was even commissioned to teach a Swedish reggae enthusiast a mixture of afrobeat/dancehall moves.”

Anna-Kay’s long-time ambition is to be a professional dance teacher and to give back as much to her country.

(Photo contributed by Anna-Kay)