Better Chemistry preparing to release their sixth album

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Better Chemistry preparing to release their sixth album

To objective reggae disciples, Southern California has been the music’s hot spot for over 15 years. Bands like Better Chemistry have contributed to that success.

The quintet are preparing to release ‘Hope That It’s Real’, their sixth album and are currently promoting the song, ‘Can’t Stop Thinking’, released through Tuff Gong International. Better Chemistry’s previous album, ‘Fruit of Life’, was released by that company in 2017.

Six years is a long time between albums, but guitarist/vocalist and original member Dave Monaco, said that could not be helped.

“The Covid pandemic definitely threw a wrench in our routine, but with that in the rear-view mirror, we plan on following up with our album release in the fall of 2023,” he disclosed.

‘Can’t Stop Thinking’ is an uptempo ballad that calls on Better Chemistry’s influences which range from Jamaican ska to roots-reggae to British blue beat.

Typical of SoCal reggae bands, Better Chemistry focuses on making solid albums rather than hit singles. That policy has worked for acts like Rebelution and Stick Figure whose tours and record sales are superior to most of their top Jamaican counterparts.

“As we strive hard to release quality music we don’t really favour one song to the next. Each song has meaning and its own flow. As we continue to finish our new album, ‘Hope That It’s Real’, we are trying to build a momentum. For every song we release we want our fans to love it as much as we do,” Monaco reasoned. “Generating positive vibes and uplifting people’s spirits is why we work so hard to make music.”

Chad Junkin (keyboards), Casey Davis Jones (drums), vocalist Atara Phillips, and bassist Martin Perez are the other core members of Better Chemistry which formed in 2021. Able Gonzales on saxophone records and performs with the band.

They have recorded well-received albums such as ‘Undiscovered Elements’ and ‘6 Foot Shorty’. Songs such as the basketball-friendly ‘Lakers Night’ and ‘Purple And Gold’ have earned strong radio rotation in Los Angeles.

Monaco insists the extended break between albums has benefited the band.

“Our new album is an eclectic mix of classic Better Chemistry sound, infused with new styles and positive energy. As a band, we tell our stories through music, and our music reflects who we are,” he said.

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