Mackie Conscious’ birthday gift to Jamaica 61

by Aug 10, 2023News

Mackie Conscious at Independence Gala

Conscious singer and musician Mackie Conscious woke up before the midnight hour and presented his special gift to Jamaica, aged 61, at Sam Sharpe Square, St. James, last Sunday night, August 6, 2023.

This, an Independence Gala in the western end of Jamaica, coincided with the extravagant celebrations at a similar event at the National Stadium in Kingston.

The gift simply wrapped in green, gold, and black, came with a passion that had the crowd in different moods.

Taking the stage at minutes to midnight, the singer tore off the first wrapping, exposing, “A Lucky Mi Nuh Lucky,” a song which hits the conscience of people.

The song tells the ugly tale of discrimination in the music business which has left some of our best talents along the wayside. However, he stayed clear of calling names.

His audience seemed ready for more truth when he invited them to reveal or not to reveal his lyrics on jacket and got a rousing, yes, reveal!

Independence Gala 2023

Mackie Conscious did not use any white sheet to cover the lines:
” Should I run or should I stay
Every little baby needs a daddy anyway…”
before launching into his current project “Brighter Day.”

Although Luciano, the other side of the combination, was not around, the message of hope and prosperity for Jamaica and other countries, was well received.

This made way for exposing, “Can’t Be a Friend if You Nuh Loyal,” which had the audience singing these lines throughout the song.

He got the crowd back in order with “Follow Your Dreams,” an inspirational song.

One could count on his wisdom in declaring, “No matter your difficulties, focus on your goals and never give up on your dreams.”

Saving the best for the last, Mackie Conscious had the crowd in a frenzy singing, “We Big All Around.” It was the same response when he entered the finals of The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (2018) Festival song competition.

Other artistes on the show were Nitty Kutchie, Shuga, and Beswick.

(Photo courtesy of Mackie Conscious)


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