Official music video for “Brighter Day” released

by Aug 30, 2023News, Video

Official music video for Brighter Day released
The date was August 29, 2023, and excited fans were counting down the tick of the clock as it strikes midnight.

That was the heralding of “Brighter Day.” And Mackie Conscious (the Conscious One) has high hopes of the song changing the lives of thousands around the world.

Earlier, musicologists had predicted that Brighter Day, a collaboration of Mackie Conscious and Luciano, would be released in July, and they were absolutely correct.

Now, it was another prediction – that of the video – and they were so, so correct.

Three hours before the video release, the Conscious One, in an interview with Reggae-Vibes says, “The feeling is right when so many Jamaicans are counting down the release of this video. This is a joyous moment because so many people have been asking about the video.”

“They have already given the song a straight A and I know the video will be in a similar position. So much work has been put into this video.”

The script was written by Mackie Conscious who wrote the song. “So, I had the concept of the video. I wanted a few things to resonate in the minds of viewers. They must have a feeling of hope at the end of the tunnel.”

“The scenes therefore include people climbing mountains which represents trials and hurdles, faced by individuals in their daily lives.”

“Then I included victims recovering from COVID-19, a plague which will have devastated thousands, with some dying, others scared for life.”

“I thought about the unification of Africa depicting beautiful skyscrapers, contrary to years ago when Africa was seen as a dark continent with no form of civilization. But it doesn’t stop there as there are scenes of African children happily dancing.”

Both Luciano and Mackie Conscious are seen recording in the video, a reminder that unity is important, if we hope to gain from a “Brighter Day.”

“As the Conscious One, I am urging everyone to get familiar with “Brighter Day.” There is indeed hope for the hopeless.”


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