Rich Kid ventures into uncharted territory

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Rich Kid ventures into uncharted territory
Kingston is one of those cities where trends are born at the snap of a finger. Slangs, fashion, hairstyles, and dances are ingredients that keep Jamaican music fresh.

That is the crowd Rich Kid hopes to reach with ‘Dwellings of The Most High (aka Jesus Dance)’, a dancehall/gospel song he did with singer Nadine. Released in July, it is accompanied by a spiritual dance inspired by a blockbuster movie.

The ‘Jesus Dance’ was serviced to social media in June. It is a five-prong (the Holy Feet, Angel Wave, Devil Dig, Lighting Clap and Righteous Step) move Rich Kid says was choreographed by a Canadian actor who auditioned for Mel Gibson’s epic 2004 movie, ‘The Passion of The Christ’.

“He showed us exclusive clips of his mind-blowing five-step dance routine that didn’t make it into the movie. Now, our mission is to make this dance come to life!” Rich Kid exclaimed.

‘Dwellings of The Most High’ (aka ‘Jesus Dance’) is being promoted by Cash Global Records Entertainment, Rich Kid’s company that has produced numerous singles by hardcore dancehall acts like Anthony B, Beenie Man, and Lady Saw.

Even though he is a practicing Christian, he never turned his back on the dancehall music that attracted him during the 1990s. At the time, he was living in Portmore, a massive, working-class housing development on the outskirts of Kingston.

Interestingly, his biggest influence is Lieutenant Stitchie, the talented lyricist who was among the flood of dancehall artistes who converted to Christianity in the 1990s.

Like Stitchie and Papa San, another former dancehall heavyweight who became a Christian nearly 30 years ago, Rich Kid sees nothing wrong with blending secular sounds with spirituality to win souls.

“I recently ventured into uncharted territory by recording a dancehall/gospel crossover. It’s a first for me, and it goes to show that music knows no boundaries. I’m all about pushing the limits and breaking barriers,” he said.

To help him break those barriers, he recruited Nadine (Dillon), a former Rhythm and Blues artiste he has known for over 20 years.

While he is eyeing a global audience with ‘Dwellings of The Most High’ (aka ‘Jesus Dance’), Rich Kid is pleased that it launched in Toronto which has been his home since 1990.

“Toronto is a multicultural hub, with a vibrant Diaspora gospel scene and strong support for reggae/dancehall music from diverse nationalities. It’s a city where music transcends boundaries and brings people together,” he said.

(Photo courtesy of Rich Kid)

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