Skepty Self Reliance Show In Spanish Town

by Aug 7, 2023News

Skepty self reliance show in Spanish Town

Spanish Town is known, not only for its rich history as the first recognized capital of Jamaica but also for its music. Throughout the years, many stars have given the capital its fair share of stardom.

Koffee, the youngest-ever Reggae Grammy winner. Short Boss, who emerged as Digicel 2017 Rising Star winner. Chronixx, Papa San. Lutan Fyah, Lt. Stitchie, and Chuck Fenda, are just some of the names which make Jamaica proud.

Over the past seven months, an initiative dubbed Skepty Self Reliance has been gathering momentum in Spanish Town. The man behind the steering is Skepty, born Jamie Fuller. He is a native of the old capital and one who wants to do something worthwhile for the youths, many of whom are unemployed.

His job, which is harnessing and exposing talent, is not an easy one. And this is authentic, positive music, according to Skepty.

“We began with some seven artistes. We used a boom box that plays the riddim on which the artistes deliver their lyrics. This is then recorded live and placed on YouTube or TikTok.”

“We found out that the views were increasing to over 12,000 and that the performers took the idea seriously.”

“The show, starting about three o’clock, ends five hours later at eight o’clock. Performers are advised to dress appropriately as viewers include music lovers from all over the world. They are not allowed to perform songs which promote violence, indiscipline, illicit drugs, and guns.”

The promoters are hoping that the show will produce some exceptional stars which will motivate thousands of youths, especially in Spanish Town.

(Photo contributed by Skepty)