Sliva’s love affair with music

by Aug 4, 2023News

Sliva's love affair with music

Some eight years ago, two Irwin high school music-spirited students made a vow: to love music until the day they die.

That vow has not been broken. The two have produced a wonderful song named “Escape.”

Record producer DreamX, born Kason Murray, and entertainer Sliva, born Oshane Brown, is celebrating the song’s over 10,000 views in a matter of three weeks on social media platforms.

According to DreamX, looking at the figures, “It’s early days, the best is yet to come. We are looking at over 200,000 views before the end of August. That is our expectation”.

Sliva is even more optimistic. “We have to aim for the star because that’s what success is all about. But it takes s lot of work. We are grateful that fans are liking the song because it has a reality vibes.”

Sliva recalls that the foundation of the “Escape” project started when DreamX sent him a riddim as he would have done from time to time.

“I began to medz (listen) to the beat of the riddim which is bouncy and relatable. Then, I promised myself that I had to put something on it.”

“I actually did the chorus of the song first, which includes words:
Beg you mek way, from poverty
The yout dem a escape
Di whole a West Side, Yow St. James.
Man a go rise
Put dat inna yu headspace
Yow dawg, uno excuse
Beg you mek way
Destitution di yout dem a escape…”

Sliva sent the audio to DreamX who made the necessary adjustment before mastering it at Eldoh Rado Production Mixing Lab, MoBay, Jamaica.

Sliva and DreamX are anticipating that “Escape” will open more doors for them.


Well, it’s summer, and with the stubborn heat, people just need this type of vibes to cool out and have fun.

The video which is released, tells the story vividly. Lots of sunshine, poolside party, girls, fancy cars, and expensive champagne.

The song released in July 2023 has over 100,000 views to its credit, while fans keep thrusting their comments on social media platforms.

Some of these include, “feeling the vibes”, “wish we could have more summer vibes”, and,” continue to the top boss”.

Sliva spends much of his time just listening to riddims, so having prepared a meal, he went to listen in his backyard( to do what he knows best.

“I found the right riddim and the song was done in less than an hour. I sent the demo to Cola Boss at Trap Kingdom, a superb recording studio in MoBay. He gave me some advice and I finally recorded the song at Top Klass Entertainment, a studio in Atlanta US, and by June the song was released”.

In terms of the video, Sliva says, “The set has six females and about nine males.”

“The song is such that it will even be relevant after the summer holidays.” Sliva asserts.

Holiday Vibes is available on all digital platforms for US$1.99 per copy.

(Photos contributed by Sliva)


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