Vershon ready for Caribbean Music Awards

by Aug 24, 2023News

Vershon ready for Caribbean Music Awards

International dancehall act Vershon is reportedly set for the Caribbean Music Awards that’ll take place on Thursday, August 31, at the Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, New York.

The Jamaican-born who has polished his career with a string of hits including “Inna Real Life” will be the presenter of one of numerous awards.

Reggae-Vibes understands that Vershon’s flight has already been booked in addition to what is described as his first-class accommodation.

A spokesperson in an exclusive interview says, “Vershon knew since March of 2023 that he would be invited to the awards. One of the coordinators reached out and asked him if he would love to be part of the show.”

“Vershon first thought about it, then made a decision two months later in May 2023. He will have enough time to rehearse for the show.”

“His outfit is yet to be confirmed so that could become part of the excitement.”

“He normally wears solid-coloured jeans pants with a button-up shirt along with a bucket hat. But, he could just wear something which has heads turning his way.”

Vershon’s new project is a song called “In Return”. This is exposing back-biters who take advantage of others.

The music video for the song keeps growing with over 500,000 views on YouTube.

(Photo courtesy of Vershon)


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