Von Globe beats Clarkes and Crocs for Summer

by Aug 8, 2023News

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Von Globe, a versatile singjay from St. Catherine is beating “Clarkes and Crocs” for the summer. The song, which is pulling out partygoers, is expected to last for all season.

Von Globe, born Devon Williams says the “Clarkes and Crocs” fever will not go away soon.

“This is the very first time I am doing anything like this, which is using fashion and mixing it down to a sweet flavour.

“Everywhere this song is played people just get up and dance, whether or not they are wearing “Clarkes or Crocs.” And, the feeling is so good because they are feeling the summer vibes at the same time.”

Von Globe explains that writing a song for a particular season was never something he has harboured. However, he has to be a part of the trendsetter.

“I wrote the chorus first, and then the three verses. Listening back, I felt very good because the lyrics complimented the bouncy beat.”

The song was recorded at Shine Recording studio, Pembrook Hall, Kingston, and is out on the Fuller imprint label.

Von Globe last performed “Clarkes and Crocs” a week ago at Hellshire Beach, Portmore.

“The vibes were great as I brought along a number of upcoming artistes with some great lyrics. The promoter loved every moment and anticipated that this will bring additional patrons to his club.”

Van Globe attended Spanish Town High School which is virtually under the clock. His music began to tick during his teenage years.

“My parents’ hobbies were centered around music. Mom would be singing during her chores. Dad was a great fan of Elvis Presley”.

He (Von Globe) co-ordinated school tours that promoted discipline and is known for promoting peace in areas such as Flankers and Granville, St. James.

“I enjoyed those moments and realize there was a wealth of talent in inner-city communities across Jamaica. I met great dancers, singers, and deejays on that journey”.

He has recorded over ten songs including “So Sick Of Gunshots.”

(Photo contributed by Von Globe)