10,000 Volts of Live Wyya Band

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Live Wyya Band

Nobody could tell her she had not experienced the greatest moment of her life. She woke up, earlier than usual, to tell the whole neighborhood that she had finally been to a Live Wyya show.

“I can’t wait to tell Uncle Sam. Just can’t wait,” she said, tapping her feet to the sound of, “Woman Down The Lane,” the band’s latest project.

She skipped across the living room and daintily reached for her signature blue and white pen and notepad she had in her black bag. It was special, not only because it was said to be made of pure leather, but because it was given to her by her favourite Uncle Sam.

“Boy! Oh Boy! What a night, what a Saturday night. Miss Lou (a Jamaican folklorist) should have been there.”

She was always hearing about Live Wyya. Grandpa and Grandma were always telling her about the dynamism of its leader Carl Edwards. She recalled Grandma’s words: “Girl, Live Wyya will turn any old foot inna young gal.”

Then she would lay aside her walking stick and pop some wine which left Grandpa searching for words.

Live Wyya Productions

“But yu see mi dine trial. Come siddown. We nuh young again. Night catch up pon we. Shet up yu mouth. Mi ole but mi nuh cowl,” said the high-spirited Grandma.

She could tell each member had something special to offer. This was Live Wyya, the Roots Rock Reggae band with Carl “C Wyya” Edwards, bass guitarist and band leader, and Arnaldo Bolt drummer. The other members were Nygel Shaw (keyboardist), Jerome “Jay Wyya” Smickle (lead vocalist), Stephan Foster and Ian” Beezy” Coleman (lead guitarist), and Linval Walton (sound engineer).

Now, it was her time to do the writing.

“My Dearest Uncle Sam. How you doing? You get the easter bun I sent for you. Is Maxfield bun. What about the pear and the bulla, mi hide it under the three towels so customs couldn’t see.”

She suddenly heard a crashing sound outside her gate. It was like the crashing sound she heard when the drums made a sudden bang at the show.

“Uncle Sam, Live Wyya was at the New Year’s Eve Ball at the fabulous Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay. Yes, Uncle Sam. The night was cool, the backdrop a sign of nature’s wonder. The clear unruffled sea seemed a glimmer of a celestial planet about to sleep.”

“But, I was nowhere near sleeping as I helped to turn up the heat. It was like ten fireside when six o clock ticks.”

“Uncle Sam, you know how much I love you, but I love Live Wyya more, I mean di same way. I can tell you this. Live Wyya bad, ten fire truck can’t out dem fire.”

“Mi uncle, dem start out with lovers rock and is deh so mi get plug in. Mi just catch a tourist and a rock like when Roy Rayon win Festival.”

“Den Uncle, the lead singer name Smickle took us down memory lane with the best of Gregory Isaacs, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, and more.

“When Live Wyya start the Disco session, mi just kick off mi shoes and pop some moves right there pon stage.”

“Uncle Sam, it was like a family affair, as from Japanese to English kicked up a storm that almost reached hurricane force.”

“Uncle Sam, it was not over, for the dancehall era came with butterfly dance, the holo hoop, pon di river, and more.”

“Uncle Sam, Live Wyya good like gold. Them dress to impress. Black pants and shirt with different coloured jackets.”

“Mi uncle, pen ink done, but mi did tell yuh everything. Tell all you fren dem who waan fi see Live Wyya come a Jamaica, or nuh worry, Live Wyya soon come a dem. Take care Uncle, and send the money you promise me from last year. One love.”

Grandpa had told her the history of Live Wyya Reggae Band, formed in 1999 by Carl Edwards and Arnoldo Bolt. Starting with six members, they made a household name for themselves, performing in hotels, then launched out performing on most of the major shows, including Sting and Rebel Salute. By 2002, Live Wyya was like hot bread for European reggae fans, performing at some of the biggest reggae festivals, in Africa, all over. Their accolades include Best Reggae Band multiple times, and Best Show Band, with every member a hot vocalist.

The band was managed by Copeland Forbes for some seven years and is now under new management.

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