Brighter Day shines for Mackie Conscious and Luciano

by Sep 12, 2023News

Brighter Day shines for Mackie Conscious and Luciano

“Brighter Day” is taking on the hills and valleys. It’s not only felt in the Caribbean but throughout the world where this type of sunray has never been felt before.

This song, a combination of Mackie Conscious and Luciano, is like a sudden burst of sunlight after days of rain.

The sunrays, seen in the video, are approaching 100,000 views. If that sounds good to the ears, how would one respond to some 35,000 views within 24 hours?

“Amazing! Just amazing! This has never happened for a long time. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Mackie Conscious has attributed the heavy polls to Reggae-Vibes and other media platforms.

“It was after the publication of my performance at IRIE FM’s Tribute to Marcus Garvey. After I posted the video, I found the views were moving like Usain Bolt. And, in addition, people were calling me, mostly about the video.”

The Montego Bay-based artiste is also asserting that a number of views are coming from parts of Africa.

” My African fanbase is growing tremendously because of the growing need, not only for reggae music but the great respect for songs which inspire and motivate them. Africans, which have gone through discrimination need more Brighter Days which can reflect Better Days in their lives.”

Mackie Conscious’ publicist continues to steer his promotional strategies through social media and is hoping some meaningful tours will follow.

“I will then get the opportunity to unleash my full catalogue of music,” he asserts.

(Photo contributed by Mackie Conscious)


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