Mackie Conscious gives IRIE fans sweet music

by Sep 5, 2023News

Mackie Conscious gives IRIE fans sweet music

IRIE FM, the undisputed King of Reggae radio, had a full house recently at Coconut Grove, Ocho Rios, when they flew the gates open for a party dubbed Marcus Garvey Celebrations. This was on August 20, 2023.

And oh! What a heat, but there was no Fire Bun! and even firemen came out to enjoy themselves.

Droves of IRIE FM disciples had booked their flights ahead, from all walks of life; others, in their chariots adorned with black, green, and red flags, were blowing their trumpets through the bustling town from early morning.

This scene of Consciousness brought out people from all denominations, many clothed in fake diamonds and pearls, as cash-for-gold opportunists played hide and seek with Red Stripes without the beers.

They were present to keep law and order as good times prevail. One who had been saved by the grace of the Almighty had come, not to beg for attention. They had known him for more than 100 sermons, from in the Square of MoBay to schools and international concerts.

He had declared that he would come, not as a King but as a humble servant of the Most High, administering the message of truth.

And as Mackie Conscious took the stage, the sound system raised its bar. He was wearing one of his brand T-shirts, depicting the lyrics of a message he had used to win many hearts.

It tells a story about one who has been there, done that, and still yearns for the recognition he deserves.

Mackie Conscious set the pace for Buju Banton, the so-called Gargamel. The crowd was wrapped up by his three songs, singing along: “Can’t be a King if you Nuh royal…”.

This forced the selector to rewind for others to join the large choir. They gave him similar love for “Brighter Day,” ending his set with “Follow Your Dream”.

With live streaming, it is reported that the show was aired by millions of people.

Mackie Conscious is imploring young entertainers to stay focused on pursuing their dreams. He is working on an album to be released soon.

(Photo contributed by Mackie Conscious)


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