Profit Revelation performs on “Reggae Pon Top” show

by Sep 15, 2023News

Profit Revelation performs on "Reggae Pon Top" Show

One way that an artiste remains in the eyes of music lovers is through his performance. Profit Revelation has been doing back-to-back shows, and is gaining a lot of traction.

One of his most recent shows, Reggae Pon Top Saturday, was held at 29 Westminster Road, Kingston.

The show which kicked off two hours before midnight and had six artistes billed to perform. Among the hopefulls was Profit Revelation who left the stage feeling good.

“Mi done the place (meaning having the crowd wanting more). My performance was high energy and that is what people love about me.”

Entering from backstage, Profit Revelation, dressed in his favourite red and white outfit including a vest, opened with his latest song, “Cheaters.”

And the lines which drew the biggest response were:
“Sorry, Mi seh mi nah dweet again!
Sorry, nah cheat pon yu wid you best friend.
I will never say those words again”.

He also did one of his favourite songs, “Crime Stop”, with the lines:
“Crime affi stop
Mi wake inna did morning bout six o’clock
Turn on the radio mi hear a news flash
Police get shot, badman get shot
Dem kill di poor little dog
And di Poor little cat
House nah nuh sense
And a get gun shot…”

He dished out “Dumpling and Chicken Back,” a favourite meal among the poor.
“Mi luv mi dumplin and chicken back
No matter weh nuh body waan chat Sunday mi cook curry chicken back
Monday brown stew chicken back
Tuesday french fry chicken back
Wednesday Bar-B- Que chicken back
Thursday pot roast chicken back
Friday jerked children back…”

According to Profit Revelation people wanted more “Chicken Back,” but had to save some for the next shows.

He is hoping to be a regular performer at Kingston Night Market, a shopping bazaar supported by locals and tourists. In addition, a comfortable venue where artises perform to promote and share their talent.

(Photo contributed by Profit Revelation)