Shaka Pow refuels Fully Bright drive

by Sep 21, 2023News

Shaka Pow refuels Fully Bright drive
The fight against illiteracy in Jamaica has intensified.

Reggae dancehall/ Afrobeat artiste Shaka Pow, a medical doctor by profession, has refueled his Fully Bright initiative since the introduction of the Dunce backpack, which has reportedly hit the streets of Kingston, and is selling like hot bread.

The deejay began his Fully Bright initiative targeting some 30 schools, mainly in the Corporate Area and St. Catherine, last February 2023.

The program, which became a part of the schools’ devotional exercise, involves a motivational speech, performing the Fully Bright song, along with dancers Wassdemm and Anna K, with students presenting Fully Bright items; culminating with a Fully Bright dance challenge. Students are rewarded with mostly Fully Bright certificates.

The Ministry of Education, which has endorsed the Fully Bright initiative, is helping to steer the country towards full literacy.

According to Shaka Pow, “The Fully Bright bags are symbolic and motivational in that they will passively counteract the presence of the Dunce culture in our society epitomized by the latest release of bags with the word DUNCE. Though fashionable, dunce has many negative connotations.

A student displays Fully Bright schoolbag

“Democratically, one cannot seek to ban or abolish the dunce bag, hence the counteraction should be by wearing the Fully Bright bags.”

“There is also fun, creativity, and friendly rivalry that may come out of these ventures. And, in no way should there be any animosity in this rivalry.”

The Dr. has been involved in a number of media interviews as the nation cripples with the fight against negativity.

Nationwide radio and TVJ’s Smile Jamaica had invited Dr. McDonald to speak on the Dunce versus Fully Bright saga.

The Minister of Education, Fayval Williams, has offered support to get Corporate Jamaica to purchase as many bags to be given to workers and other entities, including children of all ages.

This will definitely help to arrest the negativity of dunce culture which the government is trying to erase.

Shaka Pow’s collection of songs includes “Love God,” “Unconditional Love,” “Community,” “Best Baby Father,” “No Ice Cream Love” feat. Abby Dallas, and “Hold A Strength.”

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