Adrian “Donsome” Hanson is in album mood

by Oct 4, 2023News

Adrian Hanson is in album mood

Not many producers in contemporary reggae can say they have worked with the music’s legends. Adrian Hanson is an exception.

Head of Donsome Records in New York, Hanson played a major role in albums by Marcia Griffiths and Mykal Rose, both released in September. He produced several of the songs on Griffiths’ ‘Golden’ and produced the entire ‘I Give You Love’ by Rose.

Directing the legendary artistes is a big deal for Hanson who got into music production 18 years ago. His label’s catalogue is dominated by ‘riddim’ compilations with songs by some of dancehall/reggae’s biggest acts.

“It’s one of the greatest feelings, ’cause I know a lot of big producers, that wish they could produce a single with Marcia Griffiths or Mykal Rose, much less to produce a full album,” said Hanson.

He adds that one of his objectives is bridging the dancehall/reggae generational gap.

“Every riddim I release, I always find a way to give a young artiste a chance to shine among the big artistes,” said Hanson.

The past two years has seen Donsome Records release a flurry of compilations and singles geared toward the dancehall and reggaeton markets. Those riddim projects include the ‘Turn It Up’, ‘Black Tears’, ‘Life’s Amazing’ and ‘Freedom Sound’.

Hanson, who is originally from Clarendon parish in central Jamaica, considers the latter, which is driven by songs from Rose, Big Mountain, Anthony B, and Richie Spice as his biggest production to date.

This year, he switched focus.

“For 2023, I took a different approach ’cause I was in album mood. I kicked the year off with the first single from Mykal Rose album which is ‘I Give You Love You Show me Hate’ featuring Bugle. In February, I followed-up with a single off Marcia Griffiths’ album, which is ‘Time Away’ featuring Turbulence. From there, I got in deep production for the albums released in September,” Hanson disclosed.

Donsome Records plans to release another riddim project by year end.

(Photo contributed by Adrian Hanson)