A’Legends, fashion designer and record producer

by Oct 30, 2023News

A'Legends, fashion designer and record producer

Jenelle “A’Legends” Alexia, a fashion designer from Philadelphia US, keeps striking a pure goal. Her recent game proved just that when she surprised her opponents, sending the ball straight into the producer’s net.

A loud G-O-A-L! is heard throughout the entertainment arena, and A’Legends is showered with yet another well-deserved trophy.

The US-born, of Jamaican parentage, is now fine-tuning what she describes as, her seven-track reggae dancehall EP, with some of the biggest names in reggae music, including Grammy-winning producer Delly Ranks.

This project, she hopes, will not only promote her A’Legends brand but raise the standard of reggae music.

“I am not yet ready to reveal the full slate of artistes on my debut EP. But, I can tell everyone that they are well accomplished.”

Speculation is that Navino is well poised on the EP, and that his song has the power to drive the entire project to success. However, A’Legends remains tight-lipped. “As I have said before, the line-up of artistes is spectacular,” she added.

Concerning the theme, A’Legends says that “this is a party, fun-loving flavoured riddim that will lead us into the Christmas season, which is a period when we set aside all the hard work through the year and just enjoy ourselves. We need to refresh our mind and body for the next year.”

As to why she became a record producer, A’Legends adds, “Everyone seems to feel being a record producer is a man’s job, I don’t. So, there are a lot of women who are simply afraid to enter this field because they believe they will fail. I will not forget my deceased father saying to me, Jenelle, don’t be afraid to hit as many stars as you can.”

“I have a lot of friends who are record producers, and I am often in the studio learning, like an apprentice, to voice artistes, laying a good track, mixing and mastering. It was April of this year, a friend of mine mentioned being a record producer and I thought about it seriously.”

“I knew exactly the type of riddim I had wanted to work with, an authentic reggae beat, high tempo with a lot of dancing vibes and one which can easily crossover.”

“It was so easy to get the artistes because all of them are my friends who have supported A’Legends over the years. I also hope to do music videos to accompany each song. And, will be putting in a full hundred promotion which could see A’Legends on the Grammy Consideration list next year.”

A’Legends who has a university degree in Business, began her A’Legends brand in 2018 with Delly Ranks being her first customer.

“He had purchased a T-shirt, and sweat suit for U$100. Then, a number of other entertainers decided to come on board, including Vershon and Xyclone.”

She has hosted several pop-up shops in addition to numerous high-profile interviews on television, and radio, and gracing the cover of magazines. Her last assignment was showcasing an 18-piece wallrobe at the recent New York Fashion Week in September 2023.

(Photo contributed by Jenelle Alexia)