Anna Thickas dances into the Deejaying World

by Oct 31, 2023News

Anna Thickas dances into the Deejaying World

Anna Thickas, after over 10 years dancing from August Town, St. Andrew, to the full length of the North coast, finally steps into the world of deejaying. This was made possible by seasoned deejays Shaka Pow, the Outfytt Boss, and Blacker from the ‘Bun Him’ collaboration with Macka Diamond.

“If you hear a new female voice on radio, asking:
Hey girl a wha dat
Yu a post pon Tik Tok
Yu figet seh yu ave kids
Yu want people fi chat, this is all about Anna Thickas on the airwaves,”

These are the lines that introduces Blacker’s latest song, ‘Tik Tok Chaka Chaka,’ to be released within another two weeks. It is produced by two seasoned producers, Outfytt Records & I.W.A.A.D Music LLC.

Anna Thickas further explains, “About July of this year, I was part of the Fully Bright team, alongside Shaka Pow and dancer Wassdemm, to be a part of Blacker’s Top 20 Countdown charts.

“It was that moment when Shaka Pow suggested that I could play a role in Blacker’s new song, ‘Tik Tok Chaka Chaka.'”

“This came as a surprise. I was a bit nervous doing the lines, but Shaka Pow assured me to bring out the self-confidence in me and everything would be alright. I did just that and now people are complimenting my style and pattern.”

“I love the song because it is current and relatable. Millions of people use TikTok for different reasons and Blacker is right to be concerned because some people are promoting the wrong things on TikTok,” she shared.

Anna Thickas, born Anna-Kay Francis, grew up in August Town and was quickly known as the budding dancer who could entertain people of all ages. “People saw my potential and this began to bloom as I started to teach dance lessons. I even worked for several years at hotels.”

“I got a scholarship to the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts, where I specialized in Dance Techniques and Drama.”

“I enjoyed being a part of the Fully Bright team because I have been to over 3O schools where I have amassed a lot of fans and offers to teach dance lessons.”

“My mentors in deejaying are Spice and Lady Saw. Fans keep telling me that my lyrics are somewhat similar and that my experience in dance could add something new to the dancehall arena.”

She has plans to release her first single before year-end.

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