Brian Iannucci congratulates Chris Thomas The CEO

by Oct 24, 2023News

Brian Iannucci congratulates Chris Thomas The CEO

The superlative Brian Iannucci, record producer/artiste, is tossing cheers to Chris Thomas The CEO of I.W.A.A.D Music LLC for his champion entrance in the Grammy Consideration race. This could push The CEO to the Grammy Nomination, to be announced in a matter of weeks.

Iannucci shares two of three Grammy Consideration earned with The CEO. This, a single titled ‘Girl Let Me Show You,’ which falls in the Best Country Duo/Group Performance category and is also on the reggae album titled ‘Power.’

According to Iannucci, “I couldn’t be happier for Chris Thomas The CEO as his co-writer, friend, and collaborator. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see his success and continued growth in the music industry. It continues to be a honour to work with him and have continued collaborations.”

“Chris and I have found such a wonderful synergy. Our music compliments both our styles, and also creates a brand new sound, in both the country and reggae market.”

“It is hard to believe that two artistes, from different backgrounds, have found such success working together. I am truly happy to be part of Chris Thomas The CEO’s latest album, ‘Power.’ Our song, ‘Girl Let Me Show You,’ is one of the tracks and is both nominated in the Best Country Duo/Group Performance and Best Reggae Album.”

Brian is a Country Music singer/songwriter from Florida, US, in addition, to being a piano player and vocalist.

“Because of this different range, I am able to flex into Pop, Reggae, Dancehall, and many other genres. My recent album, ‘Double Felony,’ has been a raining success, played on radio stations in over 100 countries worldwide.”

“This 24-track record represents the combination of the last five years of my music career and is titled ‘Double Felony,’ because it is a crime that more people have not heard this album.”

I am proud to be a father and husband to my beautiful family and to be blessed to have been helping so many people. In the next five years, I hope to extend my success in the music industry by collaborating with more artistes, as both a singer as well as a performer and songwriter.”

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Girl Let Me Show You