Dad Bod Dub – Sweet Dreams / Experimental Sounds

by Oct 16, 2023News

Dad Bod Dub - Sweet Dreams


Dad Bod Dub, a live dub band hailing from the deep forests of South Western Australia, is known for their deep basslines, infectious riddims, and skank-worthy guitar riffs. In honor of the 40th anniversary of Eurythmics’ 1983 pop hit Sweet Dreams, Dad Bod Dub presents their first 7″ single, where they mesmerizingly transform the song into a hypnotic dub version. This rendition of Sweet Dreams showcases the soulful vocals of Zed Fields, reminiscent of singer Dallas Tamaira from Fat Freddy’s Drop. On the other side of the vinyl, listeners will find Experimental Sounds, a funky dub instrumental featuring a haunting melodica and bubbling bongos. This release is available on 7″ recycled vinyl and as digital download, courtesy of Cry No More Recordings based in Australia.

Sweet Dreams

Experimental Sounds


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