Kryme Rate creates buzz in Jamaica

by Oct 4, 2023News

Kryme Rate creates buzz in Jamaica

The term Crime Rate is very important to governments worldwide; it is a measuring cup for law enforcers who are expected to protect lives and properties.

Just about a week ago, Kryme Rate came like a thief in the night. And, how much he had tongues wagging.

Kryme Rate, an underdog in the music business, decided to deejay, ‘Too Much Killing’, condemning violence. The song appears on the novel ‘Just for Peace’ album, released two weeks ago.

He may have thought that he was doing the right thing, promoting peace in his country Jamaica, now riddled by multiple killings.

Well, social media influencers, hungry for trading lyrical bullets, didn’t spare the deejay.

Using the local newspaper’s Instagram, they dissed Kryme Rate in no ordinary way – from he was using the name to get exposure to being dumb and foolish.

One negative comment was, “What kinda name that? Man can smart suh? Him nah go nowhere cause eid a name like that. Nobody will welcome you in their country.”

In his response the Mullet Hall, Clarendon-based artiste says Kryme Rate was just a statistic.

“I need to explain that my name has nothing to do with crime. At no point is there any indication that I had been involved or supporting violence. But if this is how I will be known, then so let it be.”

But, the criticism does not stop there. The detractors feel he will switch allegiance from positive lyrics to so-called gangster lyrics.

Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins, producer of the ‘Just for Peace’ album, feels that the local newspaper, including its writer, went out of the box and carried a story that attracted a lot of attention.

“He (Kryme Rate) is artiste who will show the world his true talent. Never judge a book by its cover.”

Kryme Rate, born Andre Robinson, is busily promoting the ‘Just for Peace’ album through posters, flyers, and small stage shows.

(Photo contributed by Kryme Rate)

Too Much Killing