Live Wyya Rocket Rocks The Homeless

by Oct 13, 2023News

Live Wyya Live For World Homeless Day

Live Wyya, a band for all seasons, was not playing at Buckingham Palace, but if the Royal Family, from King Charles to Prince Edward, were in attendance, they would certainly invite them back.

This is the feeling of the St. Ann’s Municipal royal team, including administrator Suzette Prince, after Live Wyya had completed their set at Tuesday’s World Homeless Day celebration at the Ocho Rios Drop In Centre.

According to the promoters, “Live Wyya was just awesome. They delivered the roots culture music. We are very happy that they have been giving back to their community. We salute them for such a humanitarian deed.”

Everyone, including sponsors from Moon Palace Jamaica Grande Hotel to Sharkies Restaurant, and students came for action and so were the homeless who couldn’t afford to have missed such festivity.

“They were well seated making a colourful semicircular ring with municipal staff and others behind us, under the municipal spacious front yard.”

The band stepped out full hundred with well-oiled and tuned keyboard, guitars, and more, ready to launch their rocket performance.

They opened with “Leave Me Alone,” a track that peeps at the struggles of others and the need to make them happy, as Live Wyya did on their special day.

This was indeed a pre-Christmas Treat and Live Wyya played Santa Claus bringing the best of cheer, while others were feted with a variety of good foods including escoveitched fish, chicken, and fruit juices.

Their faces beamed as Live Wyya mined the perfect song from their rich golden “Back To The Roots” album.

Once you get people rocking you got to keep it going, and Live Wyya’s lyrical rocket was moving at high speed with “Rise Natty Rise,” a favourite which had heads rocking, feet swaying, and voices proclaiming, a re-run of sweet music.

Affirming their Pure Class symbol, the band landed firmly, “Like A Rock.” But the fun was not over for those who wanted an overdose without any bellyache and Live Wyya prescribed a medley of vintage songs.

Beres Hammond’s “I Feel Good” was surely on the list. So too were hits from Gregory Isaacs and the Marleys. They ended their forty-five-minute set with people calling for more.

“But, we got to leave some for the thousands who are waiting somewhere on this planet for great entertainment,” beamed band leader Carl Edwards.

Live Wyya, known for touring Europe with great music, is now plugging in more promotion in their current “Woman Down The Lane” single while adding the final sheen to their fourth album soon to be released.

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