Mackie Conscious: The Power of ‘Brighter Day’

by Oct 5, 2023News

The Power Of Brighter Day
Ever since Mackie Conscious’ ‘Brighter Day’ raked in 25,000 views within 24 hours of its release, the singer from Montego Bay believes that anything is possible.

The song, which features Luciano, has been pulling a number of listeners, of late from parts of Africa.

Within a week more than 12 new fans have contacted Mackie Conscious to express how much his music is making an impact in South Africa.

“I found out that several music lovers in Zimbabwe, for example, were on the list.”

One excited fan is Don Dada, an artiste, radio host, and philanthropist. And, it didn’t take a long time for Mackie Conscious to understand the reason.

“Remember Bob Marley and The Wailers’ song ‘Africa Unite’, one which created much interest in South Africa? Well, a verse of ‘Brighter Day’ calls for unification, a feature of ‘Africa Unite’.

The words of Mackie Conscious song are:

Don Dada

“Let’s come together now
Till death do us part
United Africans
We are just love from the heart.
To secure the resources of our land
So, let it be
One God, one aim, one destiny
True Africans Liberty…”

Mackie Conscious states that “the growing interest surrounding ‘Brighter Day’ and others is a feeling of achievement.

People have been reaching out to me because of the music I have been releasing which is reaching the airwaves regularly in Africa.”

“This speaks volumes as there is a generation of youths ready to embrace the culture of Africa, and to recognize those who are part of this movement.”

Mackie Conscious is a writer, instrumentalist, and producer from Montego Bay, Jamaica.

He is known for spearheading the campaign Entertainers Against Crime and Violence with concerts attracting some 20,000 fans.

He has released over 100 songs; two albums for himself, along with 2 compilation albums of various artistes, including Tony Rebel, Jack Radics, and Lutan Fyah.

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