Natural Vybz – Culture Session: Mungo’s Hi Fi Beatbox Medley

by Oct 12, 2023News, Video

Natural Vybz - Culture Session: Mungo's Hi Fi Beatbox Medley

Natural Vybz, comprised of Akio, Yukke, and Banana, is a Digital Beatbox Band based in Tokyo, Japan, that performs UK-based music. Their Culture Session series is a collection of live session videos focused on UK Bass music culture. The first episode featured a medley video covering the music of Zed Bias, a top producer in the UK Bass music scene. It’s followed by a cover medley of their all-time favourites, one of Europe’s top sound crew Mungo’s Hi Fi. Their songs feature heavy bass and tough drums, and Natural Vybz plays beatbox with effectors to represent that. Because all of Mungo’s Hi Fi’s stuff is great, it was very hard for them to choose which one to play.

The Mungo’s Hi Fi Beatbox Medley features the following tracks:

  • Traveller Dub – Mungo’s Hi Fi
  • Jump Up Quickly – Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Soom T
  • Babylon Raid – Mungo’s Hi Fi, Eva Lazarus feat. Max Romeo
  • Kung Fu Know How – Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Solo Banton & Ruben Da Silva
  • War song – Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Soom T
  • High Grade – Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Gentleman’s Dub Club