Show promoter Champion Bwoy calls for peace

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Show promoter Champion Bwoy calls for peace

The killing of four men, all known by show promoter Champion Bwoy, has left him in deep shock. This follows a series of triple murders in Jamaica, a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean.

“We have reached a point where we have to support every single peace initiative that will help our men, especially to understand that violence is wrong. This is why we must support a ‘Just for Peace’ album now out.

“I am very grateful to US-based Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins who recognized that there is too much killing in our country and released an international peace album.”

The 12-track album features the likes of Grammy winner Kabaka Pyramid, Valiant, Quada, Chi Ching Ching, and Lahjihkal.

The men who were at a bar in Summerfield, Clarendon, were pounced upon by gunmen who fired at them several times. All four were pronounced dead at the hospital.

“I man stress out bad. Mi phone still a ring since the incident early Wednesday morning. People all over Jamaica want to hear mi voice cause dem believe is Champion Bwoy Karaoke get shot up.”

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Champion Bwoy, a Karaoke guru, operates a business that hosts Karaoke, mainly on weekends. This is located just five minutes walk from where the four men were killed.

“All four men are people that I know, so you can understand how the incident shock me.”

To make matters worse one of the deceased has reportedly performed at Champion Bwoy Karaoke session. This was last year during a friendly clash with Kryme Rate, the reigning king for the Champion Bwoy Karaoke and Talent Contest 2022-2023.

Champion Bwoy is appealing to Jamaicans to end what he described as the hate and war among each other.

” This is becoming ridiculous. Friends abroad are asking me if something has gone wrong with our heads. I am just asking everyone to live good or try hard to live good with your brothers and sisters.”

Champion Bwoy, born Owayne Thompson, grew up in Blackwoods, Clarendon. He started singing R&B and dancehall music as a teenager, before his stint as a DJ on King Skylab, a sound system based in Clarendon.

Champion Bwoy migrated to the Cayman Islands in 2005, returning to Jamaica in 2014 to start Champion Headquarters. This venue has been hosting entertainment activities to unite youths from Summerfield and nearby communities.

Known also as a humanitarian, he has donated thousands of dollars in prizes for winners in his Karaoke talent Contest over the years, in addition to bringing first-class entertainment with the likes of D’Angel, Khago, Harry Toddler, General B, Natural Blacks, and Pamputtae as quest performers to his events.

(Photo contributed by Owayne Thompson)

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