Spanish Town Peace Ambassador Returns

by Oct 16, 2023News

Spanish Town Peace Ambassador Returns

Spanish Town, the former capital of Jamaica, has had its fair share of violence, but not without the intervention of Peace Ambassadors like Von Globe.

Having worked among innercity youths in Spanish Town, Flankers, and Granville, St. James, the singjay is determined to produce more positive role models.

“I remember the day I, along with other members in our group, was commissioned by CSJP (Citizens Security and Justice Programme), to help in coordinating Peace Mobile Concerts in Flankers. This was about 2010.

“We were excited, although we knew the job was challenging. But we prepared ourselves, bent on promoting clean conscious lyrics. The task was to help these young men from Flankers, Granville (St.James), and Kingston communities to have a positive outlook on life.”

“One of our missions was to change the face of their music, which was glorifying illegal guns, violence, and illicit drugs.”

“Our intervention started with a mentorship program which allowed these youths to express themselves without fear. We then gave them a meaningful alternative, which was to sing clean, positive songs. They wanted to show off their new music, hence the publicity, via newspaper, radio, and live performance, including Peace Mobile Concerts.”

“We were successful in our mission for the first four years, but lack of funding along with other issues, were against our initiative.”

However, Von Globe admitted that he would be renewing his mission. “Firstly, I have started promoting myself so that Jamaicans can remember Von Globe and this mission.”

“We would love to pursue this mission, especially, in communities that accommodate Zones Of Special Operations (ZOSO). And take the program to schools with students participating through songs, poetry, and dance.”

Von Globe, born Devon Williams, attended Spanish Town High School in the heart of the community.

“I became interested in music when I was about the age of ten, singing songs on different themes, watching music videos, and hoping to take the stage in my teenage years.”

He recorded his first song, “Love Is The Aim,” at Music Works studio. This led to other releases including “Religious Warfare” and “So Sick of Gunshot,” to promote peace.

His latest project is a song titled “Clarkes And Crocs,” promoting the new style worn by not only the young but also the aged.

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