Tony Roy’s story behind Bad Boy Johnny

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Tony Roy's big tune is about Bad Boy Johnny

Tony Roy recalls that he did the song ‘Bad Boy Johnny’ after he was killed by the police at age 19.

“We were schoolmates, but unfortunately, Johnny dropped out of school when he was about 12 years old. This was not a shock to many of his schoolmates, because of his ruthless acts, which include robbery.”

“I was already in the Seaforth High School. I started at age 12, aspiring to be a drummer and lead vocalist.”

Tony recalls that historic night when he began to hatch the lyrics of ‘Bad Boy Johnny.’

“I was at a show performing in Ocean City, Maryland, US, singing a cover version of Michael Prophet’s song called ‘Gun Man.’ Attendees were excited, while I was singing. As I sang along, my mind raced back to Johnny, and the fact that there were youths in my community, back home in Seaforth, St. Thomas, doing the same things that Johnny used to do.”

Suddenly, I found myself singing, what became the first verse of my song:
“Just di odda day, a heard a news flash.
Seh bad boy Johnny get shot (repeat)
He wouldn’t listen to his madda(repeat)
When she seh Bwoy gah school…”
I continued the song by adding more lyics which read:
“Wouldn’t listen Im madda wen she seh Bwoy just cool
Follow bad company get inna trouble
Now gone up a Dovecot
Follow bad company
Now him gone six foot six…”

“I then arranged for the song to be recorded. This was at Vincent’s home studio in Maryland, US. I loved the tempo of the riddim because of its heavy bassline and distinct keyboard. The song was mixed at Earl Smith Jr. studio in Portmore, St. Catherine. I got back the finished product in January 2022, and it was released in September 2023.”

“Listeners believe the storyline is great. The song is now on Clinton Lindsay’s Foundation Radio Network Top 30 chart. This has contributed to its growing popularity in the US, Europe, and the Caribbean. A music video is in the making.”

Tony Roy, born Fitzroy Gordon, has released five singles and three albums – ‘Waiting List’ has 11 tracks, (released 2010); Roadblock with 10 tracks (released 2015), while the third, ‘Live My Life has 12 (released 2021).

Tony Roy grew up in Seaforth, St. Thomas. He attended Seaforth High School and became interested in music in his early teens.

“I started out knocking the desk with a pencil to create beats. I then was a member of the school-based Seaforth High School band. The band first toured the US in 1985, then went on two other tours, Canada in 1986 and 1987.”

Tony Roy migrated and joined his family in the US in 1997, where he continued to do music.

For the future, he hopes that ‘Bad Boy Johnny’ will create a big impact on the international scene.

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