Woman Down The Lane is On Top of The World

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Woman Down The Lane is On Top of The World

There is a ‘Woman Down The Lane’ who is getting more than enough fiery stares from, not only Live Wyya but music lovers, each time her name is mentioned.

This is what I heard, the very first day I set foot on Ocho Rios soil, where she was first seen.
I am a bit cautious about hearsay, but everyone, even the old man who sits at the lane mouth smoking his cigar, assured me, “Sir, have no fear, Live Wyya will take you everywhere.”

That day I happened to pass through one of Live Wyya’s stellar performances on World Homeless Day, and got some pretty good information about ‘Woman Down The Lane.’

It was Carl Edwards, band leader and bass player, who opened the door like a superb Minister of Information would do.

“Well, as you know this is the lane. Just like any other lanes in Ochi.” He stopped for a minute to show me where lead singer Jerome “Jay- Wyya” Smickle stood when they saw this rare beauty.

“She was full hundred in shape, and a mean, a coca cola bottle shape,” continued Carl.

“We don’t really have much of those bottles again. Guess too much technology has removed much of the creation of real human designs,” I surmised.

“Oh yes. I just cannot forget this rare sight”, his voice rising to a crescendo. “She must have been an eye-opener” I queried. “Oh yes, we were just amazed because she was ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful.’ That was one of my favourite songs at Sunday school.”

Carl stood there using both hands depicting not only the curvy Woman Down The Lane, but how she was adorned. “Oh yes, a pair of black fitted pants which stood firmly on her hips and a white blouse which seems to hug her breastplate of righteousness.”

“Then Carl, she must have been a Christian. Breastplate of righteousness!” I exclaimed.
“I am trying to let you get the true picture. She would have caused any Christian man to backslide,”

“And then her glowing long waist length hair seemed to move with her hips. She stopped and flashed one inviting smile and the creation of this song was inevitable”.

Carl explained that just minutes after the ‘Woman Down The Lane’ was out of sight they started to sing, what became some of the lyrics of the song. And, that the theme was ‘Woman Down the Lane.’

A week later the entire song was completed and arranged by Live Wyya Band on a Lovers Rock Reggae riddim. This was recorded in February 2023 and released in March 2023. The video is slated to be released before Christmas.

“So Carl, where exactly is the ‘Woman Down The Lane’? Everywhere on all digital download platforms including Apple and Spotify,” he chuckled.

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