Clatta Bumboo drops ‘Make Way Rasta’

by Nov 25, 2023News

Clatta Bumboo drops 'Make Way Rasta'

The winter of 2021 found Jamaican roots singer Clatta Bumboo chomping at the bit to complete recording sessions for his first album. Covid-19, however, had a say in that.

Studios in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, were shuttered due to the pandemic, so he headed to Jamaica where he assembled local musicians and began working at the Ambassador of Choice Recording Studio in his native Westmoreland parish.

Sessions there and Rhode Island resulted in ‘Make Way Rasta’, a 12-song album spearheaded by the title track. The set is officially released on November 24 by Onerpm.

This is the second major project for Clatta Bumboo since he launched his recording career six years ago. His EP, ‘Future Water’, was released in 2019.

While describing the Rhode Island reggae scene as fertile, he said recording in Jamaica brought an authenticity to ‘Make Way Rasta’.

“Definitely. Reggae music feels, sounds and is very different when developed in Jamaica. In the process of producing ‘Make Way Rasta’, I also learned that mixing and mastering in Jamaica matter more,” he said.

Several producers made the album possible. The Jamaican sessions were conducted by keyboardist Garfield Gabay, while Clatta Bumboo, DJim Job, Ray Gennari, Matthew Odabashian, and Alex Caracciolo, were heavily involved in Rhode Island where the Rastafarian artiste has lived since 2008.

Born Sheldon Townsend, Clatta Bumboo was raised on classic roots-reggae. As a youth, he tuned in to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, the Soul Syndicate Band, Prince Far I, and Black Uhuru.

The One Drop feel, patented by Marley and his Wailers band, dominate ‘Make Way Rasta’ which also contains songs like ‘The Sound’ and ‘Give I Strength’.

He is banking on their power to strike a chord with reggae fans outside of traditional markets.

“First and foremost, I want the music to go to where it is welcomed and needed. If Europe takes in the Clatta Bumboo sound and by extension request my presence, then that’s where I go. However, it is very important to me that the Jamaican Diaspora, Caribbean Diaspora gets wind of this sound,” said Clatta Bumboo.

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