Fully Bright bags are now in schools

by Nov 9, 2023News

Fully Bright bags are now in schools

Deejay Shaka Pow, creator and promoter of the Fully Bright bags, has been visiting schools where these are fully endorsed. This, he feels, is a vote against the Fully Dunce bags which many principals had feared would inoculate our schools.

According to the reggae dancehall artiste, “Although I had no great fears with news circulating that the Dunce bags were being sold like hot bread, the nation had begun hemorrhaging, so it was critical to inject as many Fully Bright bags as possible on an emergency basis.”

“Our Fully Bright team has been making rounds to, not only advertise these bags, but to have them as part of our initiative which started in March of this year.”

*We first introduced the bags at Papine High School, as part of a seminar to which we were invited by the Social Development Commission (SDC). We moved on to the Cadet Academy at the Police Academy, Twickenham Park, St. Catherine.”

“We also visited York Town Primary and Infant School in Clarendon, followed by Stony Hill Heart Academy, which had students from Oberlin High and Stony Hill Technical. All three occasions resulted in principals, teachers, and students welcoming the bags which students received.”

The bags are sold to the public with all proceeds going to financing the Fully Bright tour and in aiding the Fully Bright team to donate bags to all the schools attending. The bags come in eight different colours, including blue, orange, green, and black, and costs between four to five thousand JA dollars, depending on their size.

In September, the initiative got a major boost with Errol Greene, Regional Director of the Southeast Regional Health Authority (SERHA), purchasing four bags.

“We are committed to visiting any school once we are invited and will continue our mission in making Jamaica, a Fully Bright crime-free nation,” Shaka Pow said.

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