Hugh Maddo – Pop Style

by Nov 2, 2023News

Hugh Maddo - Pop Style


The highly sought-after LP Pop Style by Hugh Maddo, a rare gem for reggae collectors, has been reissued and remastered by Dinte’s sub-label 333 and is now available at a reasonable price. Originally recorded in Jamaica in 1987 at Byron Lee’s Dynamics and Herman Chin-Loy’s Aquarius studios for the Jamaazima label based in the Bronx, the album is being released under license from Nami Harmon, the co-producer and label owner. The vocals of Killamanjaro’s Hugh Maddo, also known as UU Madoo, are accompanied by celebrated and renowned musicians such as Winston Wright, Bobby Ellis, Carlton “Santa” Davis, Dwight Pinkney, Willie Lindo, and Mikey “Boo” Richards, to name just a few.

Hugh Maddo – Pop Style

Hugh Maddo – Budget

Hugh Maddo – Country Girl


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