Mackie Conscious feels massive quake in Live Shows

by Nov 2, 2023News

Mackie Conscious feels Massive Quake in Live Shows

Reggae singer and musician Mackie Conscious feels there is a massive quake in Live Shows. This, he feels, is more than the 5.4 magnitude that recently shook Jamaica and made news all over the world.

A worrying Mackie Conscious believes Jamaica could get another quake in the Music Industry and that could bury Live Shows.

On Monday a 5.4 magnitude earthquake shook Jamaica. Although there are no reported casualties assessment is being made of damaged buildings, in addition to a number of persons receiving minor injuries. The tremor’s epicenter was about two miles (4 kilometers) west-northwest of Hope Bay in northeastern Jamaica, according to the US Geological Survey. The Port Royal Earthquake in 1692 left a portion of the town sinking into the sea, then in 1907 a quake struck the capital Kingston killing more than 1,000 people.

According to Mackie Conscious, who has a platform called Mackie Conscious Youtube Views, “I can safely say live shows are virtually dead in Jamaica. I could count the days when there were over 200 live shows in Jamaica. These included Heineken Startime, Follow Di Arrow, East Fest, GT Extravaganza, Red Dut Showcase, White River Reggae Bash, and Beenie Man Summer Sizzle. The exception is the long-standing Rebel Salute and Reggae Sumfest.

Sting 2022, which made a comeback, following a six-year break, turned sour when unruly artistes led to calls for the once Greatest One Night Show to be scrapped.

Turning to the mass migration of both artistes, and to a lesser extent producers, Mackie Conscious opined “Artistes including Delly Ranks, Spragga Benz, Determine, Anthony B, Wayne Wonder, and Everton Blender have made their beds on foreign soils.”

“How can we expect these and other entertainers to survive in Jamaica, if they have no form of working capital from which to get an income at the end of the month? With so many artistes abroad, it is easier for overseas promoters to book them for minimal transportation costs than to double their expenses by paying huge airline fares to get them to overseas venues.”

“Hotels are no longer using live bands six nights a week as they usually do. So, this has left many musicians and singers unemployed. Songwriters get royalties for the use of their music and if these are played to a lesser extent there is less royalties to be gained.”

The Montego Bay-based artiste reasoned that JACAP (Jamaica Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and JAMMS (Jamaica Music Society) have revealed that they are now paying out seventy percent of the royalties to foreign copyright Societies. This means Jamaican entertainers are far from earning a sizable slice of the royalty cake.”

On the matter of dubplates, the singer adds “The sound system boxes have been pushed into corners because regular dances have disappeared. Violence and COVID-19 restrictions have led to the virtual death of community dances and sound clashes throughout the island.”

Mackie Conscious is recommending that Entertainment falls under one Ministry. “Babsy Grange (who is responsible for Entertainment, Sports, Gender, and Culture), is an excellent worker. However, she is given too many responsibilities. Sports takes as many responsibilities as Tourism does in addition to Gender and Culture.”

“Government can revamp live shows. They have the resources at their fingertips and can galvanize the right people to do the job. We need to have a big reggae festival, at least once a month. This will benefit artistes, producers, events planners, the transportation sector, hotels, and coconut vendors to earn more money. Then, we can have more people contributing to the Jamaican economy.”

Mackie Conscious has released over 100 songs and two albums. His latest project is a collaboration with international artiste Luciano, ‘Brighter Day’.

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