Meet Big, Bad Jubbi Don from Canada

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Meet Big, Bad Jubbi Don from Canada

There is a popular television show in Jamaica, All Together Sing. This is a high school choir competition and each time the hosts come on, there is one school that gets the gusty, ‘Big, Bad’ introduction. Apart from being a previous winner, one can expect a superstar performance, each time this school hits the stage.

Now, there is a rapper/singer who is unwrapping a sensational package, which everyone is waiting to see. Some people call her all types of names, including Miss Universe and Miss Versatile. I rather see her as, the Big, Bad Jubbi Don out of Canada.

“You sound like Nicki Minaj, the Big Bad rapper, singer, and songwriter from Trinidad,” I asked. I could feel her quaking smile, if you know what I mean. It seems to shake off my tiredness, having slipped through Monday’s sudden quake in Jamaica.

“That’s true, lots of people keep telling me the same thing, about sounding like Nicki Minaj”

Again, I felt the quake as she lured me into her strong lyrical mansion.

“People feel I have a lot of confidence and flair outside of my natural talent to cast a spell on their ears.”

“0h my! but, I was just listening to one of your dancehall tracks and I could almost bet my last bucks, I was listening to Shenseea from Jamaica,” I replied.

“You do have ears for good music. You certainly knock the nail on the head. People keep coming up with the same old story.”

In a jiffy, some half a dozen photos were on my WhatsApp.

“Take a good look, a very good look. I may look like Nicky Minaj, rap like Nicky Minaj, deejay like Shenseea, but I might just have to agree with you that ‘I am the Big, Bad Jubbi Don out of Canada.'”

“So, Jubbi Don, you have both a global voice and a global look. You may call it a double whopper,”

With all that excitement, I really had to take a break and allow all this extra treat to register in my head.

“I have sent three lovely tracks, in addition to my photos and a biography,” she added.

Her real name is Shemona Prince, a Jamaican-born who migrated to Canada at age eight. Guess you are just dying to meet her. I will sure let that happen, just keep checking the Big, Bad Reggae-Vibes site.

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