Navino flies the gates for A’Legends EP

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Meet Big, Bad Jubbi Don from Canada

Seven artistes are in the line-up for the A’Legends EP race. However, only one of these artistes will pass the gate first.

“On Your Marks,” echoes from the twin speakers at each corner of the entertainment arena. “S… E… T” comes slowly as a snail, then “GO” bursts out like sunshine on a cloudy day.

Navino, a singjay known for the phrase “Nuh Seh A Word,” is the one to make it first through the gate.

“I am so honoured to be part of A’Legends’ great EP. She is a trendsetter and a professional in everything she does. A’Legends seems to be a fan of my work and she would like to see me go further in my career, so that’s the type of person I am looking for to work with; one who wants to see me further my success.”

“She (A’Legends) will definitely be a successful record producer because she has the drive and determination.”

As to his song Navino says, “The title is ‘Exclusive’ because I need to send a message to the females, which is that they need to stick to one man because that will give them more ratings and to be Exclusive from other girls.”

“This song (‘Exclusive’) will connect with the ladies in the dancehall space because nobody is singing for them right now.”

Navino explains that “A’Legends contacted me through my manager. Once I heard the riddim, I liked the flavour because it is an old school type, which is dancehall with a modern twist. So, instantly I catch the vibes.”

“The song took me about a day to complete, once I began working on it. I got the riddim a week before I began to do any writing as I wanted to complete a project I had before.” Navino has plans to promote his song and the EP because he feels this will enhance his career.

Navino, born Ricardo Fraser, Annotto Bay, St. Mary, attended Buff Bay High School in Portland.
He previously (2011) was a member of the label Jag One Production Company, of which Aidonia is the head. That same year, 2011, his release ‘Chillin’ Time’ on the ‘Overproof’ riddim, became a hit song.

He later left that camp and landed a deal with Patrick “Roach” Samuels and Justus Arison of Ja. Productions. However, this lasted for about a year and pushed Navino to form his owned Cyaa Tame Records, along with his longtime friend Delon “Deluxx” Graham, producing songs such as ‘DNA’ and ‘Without Love’.

Navino has had other hits, amongst these are ‘If It’s Not Money’ and ‘Real Friend’ – a Seanizzle Production. Others are ‘Wine Up Fi Mi’ ( Anthony Records) and ‘Bag A Gyal’, produced by Johnny Wonder on the 21st. Hapilos label.

Navino says, “I am gearing up to drop my album next year. It’s just recording and putting the flavours together. Stay tuned because this one is going to show a different side to Navino’s music career.”

A’Legends, a US-born Jamaican, is well-known for her clothing line in her Philadelphia-based hometown and parts of the United States. Her EP titled, ‘The Bank Riddim’, is destined to cause a storm in the dancehall arena.

(Photo contributed by Navino)


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