New 7″ singles from Alchemy Dubs

by Nov 28, 2023News

Clive Hylton - Always


Oscar Pablos “Ojah”, a Spanish producer and mixing engineer based in London, is back with two 7″ vinyl singles released on his own label, Alchemy Dubs. These singles share the same captivating sound backdrop and complement each other perfectly.

Side A of the first single features the vocals of Clive Hylton aka Colour Red, a Jamaican reggae veteran known by devoted reggae fans for his 1976 Black Ark roots killer From Creation. Despite the passage of 47 years, Hylton proves he is still active in the music studio and delivers the noteworthy roots song, Always. On the flip side, Ojah presents Always Dub, a live mixed dub version that takes listeners into a different territory by focusing on hidden sounds and layers not emphasized in the vocal version.

The second 7″ vinyl platter features the instrumental track called Forever, which is a new collaboration between Ojah and Nik Torp from The Specials. Nik Torp showcases his talent on the melodica, playing it over the captivating Always riddim, creating deeply immersive melodies that harken back to the late great Augustus Pablo. On the flip side, listeners will find Forever Dub, another dub version that has been skillfully mixed live by Ojah. This track takes listeners on a sonic journey, exploring modulations that range from the subtle to the intense.

Limited edition 7″ singles, hand-stamped, served in a thick custom reversed kraftliner sleeve with graphic design by Victor Castro.

Ojah feat. Clive Hylton – Always / Always Dub

Ojah feat. Nik Torp – Forever / Forever Dub


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