Ras Oney gets exceptional

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Ras Oney gets exceptional
Rastafarian singer Ras Oney is promoting ‘Exceptional’, a 10-track EP which he hopes will educate the nation. The themes he stresses include Poverty, Injustice, and Love. Five of the songs are cover versions, which include ‘Beat Down Babylon’ the rest being originals. The EP is produced by Trinidadian Jeffrey George of Jambago Production.

In addition to the title track ‘Exceptional’, the others are:
*Hands Of Time
*Survival feat. Culture B
*Sweet Home feat. Ramize
*Beat Down Babylon
*Body Inna Gully
*Power And Shower
*Woman Your Love
*Poor Mr. Justice
*Start The Dance feat. Fyah Niceness.

According to Ras Oney, “I had done five songs for the producer and got thumbs up from him. He was the one who came up with the idea of this EP in 2014. During that time leading up to now, I recorded the remaining songs. The songs he wanted were basically cultural songs, and even when there are ingredients of Lovers Rock, there is the strong authentic reggae beat.”

Some lines of ‘Exceptional’ are:
“There are days when I am mystified
To know that you chose me
And, every night before I close my eyes
I thank God that you have chosen me…”

In the case of ‘Beat Down Babylon’, a cover version of the Junior Byles classic, the lyrics send a strong opposition to evil men.

“Seh mi nuh like dem kinda Babylon
Seh mi nuh dig dem kina wicked man
Cause I am a righteous rastaman…”

Ras Oney who hails from Spanish Town attended Dinthill Technical High School in St. Catherine.
His uncle owned a sound system, Blacka Tone Hi Fi, on which he would deejay cover versions by artistes including Dennis Brown.

The opportunity of being part of Sugar Minott’s Youthman Promotion gave him more exposure. “I would be traveling with the sound system from parish to parish and got the opportunity to sing off with artistes such as Little Kirk.

Ras Oney, born Kenroy Graham, recorded and released his first song, ‘Tired A Di Fussing’ in 2000 on the Traditional Family label. He has performed on several shows including Original Dancehall, and Tobago Jazz Festival in Trinidad and Tobago.

Ras Oney – Beat Down Babylon

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