Ras Oney performs at Kingston Night Market

by Nov 24, 2023News

Ras Oney performs at Kingston Night Market

Ras Oney feels that the breakthrough he is expecting in music is on the horizon. He has been performing almost every week, with music lovers tracking his success.

His present EP titled ‘Exceptional’ is raising eyebrows, partly because of his taste for conscious music.

“My most recent show dubbed Kingston Night Market on 8 Hillcrest Avenue in Kingston 6, is really an exciting affair because just about anyone who passes through can get a free stage show of their choice.”

“I have been hearing about the venue for some time now. But, the real deal came with knowing Sista Isha, one of the promoters, for some years.”

“Sister Isha, a Rastafarian, is the one who had secured a spot for my performance on another show, Reggae Pon Top, held on Westminster Road, Kingston.’

“However, the Kingston Night Market event was satisfying in more ways than one. With four main acts, including Aretha from England, the show was choked with variety.”

“I performed five songs, four were on tracks. The first, ‘Give Thanks Jah Jah’, was an acapella. This is an original song, recorded on Jahovia’s Records label in 200O. The song is giving praises to the Most High.”

The second entry was ‘Beat Down Babylon’, recorded in 2009. This is a cover version of a song done by Junior Byles. Next came, ‘Say What You Say’, originally by the late Dennis Brown,” he shared.

Ras Oney also tendered ‘Movie Star’, a cover version of an Errol Dunkley song. Then closed off with his original, ‘Tired Of The Fussing’.

Ras Oney is looking forward to performing on Jamaica Style promoted by Natty King, every last Tuesday of the month.

Ras Oney, born Kenroy Graham. grew up in Spanish Town and Kingston 13. He was drawn to music by Blacka Tone Hi-Fi, a sound system on which he promoted his songs. He has recorded some 30 songs, and an EP titled ‘Exceptional’.

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Ras Oney – Beat Down Babylon

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