Rasta BlacSpade looks to EP’s release

by Nov 20, 2023News

Rasta BlacSpade looks to EP's release

According to Rasta BlacSpade, “I am excited about this project, ever since I recorded my first single, ‘Jah Jah Live’. This was about April of this year. The idea was to release the single and then the EP, and this is what happened.”

“Five other songs followed. These are ‘Ambition’, ‘Nuh Accept Failure’, ‘Jah Never Leave I Alone’, ‘High Herb’, and ‘Be Like The Sea’.

“During that time I was nominated for the IRAWMA awards. That single, not a Grammy, it’s IRAWMA, was nominated over thousands of entries from all over the world.”

Although he did not win the award, a lot of people kept talking about his song which shows the importance of the competition and quality of his entry.

Rasta BlacSpade believes that all the songs on the EP are great. “The theme is a mixture of love, culture, and lifestyle. The rhythm is universal, the base is reggae and dancehall. However, there are elements of lovers rock, which music lovers will enjoy.”

“It is also family-friendly, as it has no raunchy lyrics, and one will appreciate the taste, which will linger for years.”

“After the EP’s release, I am expecting to get some shows, and with the producer Thug Chemist’s skillful marketing strategies, we hope to hit both the Billboard and iTunes charts.”

Rasta BlacSpade (formerly BlacSpade), given name Wade Douglas, was born in Kingston and attended Tacius Golding High School in St. Catherine.

“The school had regular concerts to unearth the best of talents. My talent was singing and this continued over the years. I recorded my first song, ‘Nuh Heart Nuh Leap’, in 2012. I am looking forward to a long and successful career with producer Thug Chemist,” he shared.

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