Rasta BlacSpade supports ‘Love Over All Things’

by Nov 28, 2023News

Rasta BlacSpade supports 'Love Over All Things'

Rastafarian reggae artiste Rasta BlacSpade, who made it to the nomination list for the 40th anniversary of the International Reggae And World Music Award (IRAWMA), is preparing his big EP, ‘Love Over All Things’, for next year’s 2024 Grammy Nomination.

According to the Jamaican, now based in the US, “A lot of conscious artistes have been gaining Grammy Nominations and awards, mainly for their positive impact on people’s lives. This list includes Kabaka Pyramid who won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album in 2023. He is known for his cutting-edge lyrics, deeply rooted in unity, love, and respect. In addition, the quality of his production could not escape the eyes of the Grammy selection team.

“I too believe that my EP, ‘Love Over All Things’, is one that promotes peace and unity. All of my six tracks are considered trailblazers, produced by some of the finest musicians and producers in Jamaica.”

“They include the reputable man on saxophone Dean Fraser, Aston Francis Barrett aka Family Man who was one of Bob Marley’s musicians, and Bongo Herman a percussionist.”

One of my tracks, ‘Love Over All Things’, has these lines:
“Love over All Things
King Selassie I, King over all Kings
A no the money and the wine,
A no di church, the prayer or the fasting
Rasta tell dem fi no hate
a di fuss thing.”

Rasta BlacSpade explained, “Regardless of our wealth, possession, and our religious belief we cannot find peace without love.”

“I think this is a powerful song because of the constant war. This has led to global crisis, which includes economic instability which ultimately leads to poverty and violence.”

“The response I am getting from this song is great. People of all races are logging into these words. It’s a song that will allow us to think more about how we treat people. We need to get more entertainers to support peace, love, and unity.”

Rasta BlacSpade, born Wade Douglas, grew up in Brown Hall, St. Catherine.

“My uncle had a record-changer. This I would use to play songs from artistes, including Bob Marley, Delroy Wilson, and The Heptones. I released my first song, ‘Nuh Heart Nuh Leap’, in 2012.

In addition to ‘Love Over All Things’, the other songs on his EP are ‘Nuh Accept Failure’, ‘Ambition’, ‘Be Like The Sea’, and ‘High Herb’.

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