Timmy Love calls on the world to wake up

by Nov 12, 2023News

Timmy Love calls on the world to wake up

Timmy Love, ‘Wake Up Everybody’, a collaboration with Quino (of Big Mountain), is urging nations to respect lives, which matters for this world to survive.

The Jamaican-born, now residing in the US warns that “respect for lives is also respecting the commandments of God.”

“We need to wake up to the destructive forces which continue to take the lives of, especially our children, who have no ability to fight for their lives.”

“Wake up to the senseless bombings of learning institutions, including our schools and churches, to our hospitals that offer care and attention, and our humanitarians who keep calling for Peace. Let us wake up to the reality that this world is being used as a battlefield where the dead are countless and nature around us is devastated.”

Turning to what he still refers to as home, Timmy Love says: “Our beautiful land Jamaica is part of my concern. I can remember that patriotic song, ‘Jamaica Land of Beauty’, which we sang at school. It was such a honour as we belted out the words which still linger in my mind.”

“Four recent incidents had me thinking if we too have joined the heartless. The murder of a 10-month-old and her mother. The drive-by shooting which took the lives of a six-year-old and her grandmother, the discovery of a dead senior citizen hours following his cries for help, and the heartless killing of two schoolboys who were traveling in a taxi, sprayed by bullets.”

‘Wake Up Everybody’, is currently Number 10 on Richie B’s Jamaica Top 25 Reggae Charts. As the momentum continues Timmy Love hopes people all over the world will make an effort to listen to the song which is universal.

Timmy Love, born Timothy Lovelace, migrated in his twenties to the United States. He formed Reflexx, a band that toured parts of Africa. He has released five albums, including ‘My Inner Feelings’, ‘Time of Your Life’, and ‘Light Up Your Heart’.

(Photo contributed by Timmy Love)

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