Chuck Fenda becomes “Heartless” to Crime and Violence

by Dec 19, 2023News

Chuck Fenda becomes 'Heartless' to Crime and Violence

There are several known volcanoes throughout the world. Some have erupted only once and then become extinct, as such they never appear in our archives.

In contrast, there is a handful of violent lyrical volcanoes that whenever these erupt make the news and become a talking point for months.

We call these volcanoes simply HEARTLESS.

This is the name of a volcano (or should I say a volcanic song) which is attached to no other name but Chuck Fenda, the artiste who everyone seems to be talking about these days.

The song is inoculating the length and breadth of Jamaica as COVID-19 did some three years ago.

One does not have to go down to Irie FM gates to hear this volcano rumbling. It is heard at the corner of Matches Lane (a mean Matthews lane) in Downtown, Kingston; at the corner shop in Grants Pen, St. Andrew; on the coaster buses, along the north coast, and even inside the offices of some of the island’s multi-million dollar companies.

According to Chuck Fenda, “No well-thinking person can endure the heartless behavior of these criminals who continue to kill innocent people, including babies. Some people brush it aside because it has not reached their doorsteps yet.”

Chuck Fenda, given name Leshorn Muirhead, was born in New York, came to Jamaica as a baby, and grew up in Spanish Town, a haven for talented entertainers, such as Lt. Stitchie, Lutan Fyah, and Chronixx

He began imitating his favourite artistes, while honing his skills as a deejay. His first song, ‘Jah It’s All About You, was well received. Others include ‘Shut You Mouth When Bad Man Talking’, ‘Mi See It Clear’, ‘Bada Bada’, and ‘Lift It Up’.

His big break came in 2000 when he became part of the Fifth Element family with resounding success, attracting mass media, and performing on several shows abroad.

Some of his hit songs are ‘I Swear’, ‘Coming Over Tonight’, and ‘Gash Dem’. He is booked for a number of shows on which he expected to rumble, explode, and become Heartless to crime and violence.

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