Dasvibes: From Jamdown to Down Under

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Davibes: From Jamdown to Down Under

From the rugged Jamaican community of Seaview Gardens, Dasvibes remembers listening to the sounds of homegrown dancehall deejays Bounty Killer and Elephant Man in his youth. Fourteen years ago, he moved to Australia, hoping for greater opportunities in the Information Technology sector.

Based in Brisbane, Dasvibes also developed the music production skills he learned in Kingston, his hometown. That paid off last February when his song, ‘Stickmen Toys Rock’ topped the Australian EDM Chart. It also went number one on that country’s iTunes Chart as well as the Australia Top 100 Independent Singles Chart.

Recently, Dasvibes (also known as DJ Wade) teamed with DJ Terry Moyaz (a Zimbabwean mix-master based in Australia) and Zimbabwean singer Tanaka Siziba for an Amapiano remix of the song. It is expected to be on Dasvibes’ EP, scheduled for release in early 2024.

“It features the highly-anticipated ‘Stickmen Toys Rock’ remixes and a collection of original tracks. Among the selections is ‘Bring that Come’, a vibrant dancehall track created for the party scene, delivered by emerging Kingston-based artiste Wiski D. It is slated to debut during Dancehall Week in February, 2024,” Dasvibes disclosed.

‘Stickmen Toys Rock’ was inspired by the popular ‘utility-enabled, audio-visual Non-Fungible Tokens manufactured by Warner Records UK and audio giants Bose. The song realised his long-held desire to create EDM music with a dancehall twist.

With DJ Terry Moyaz and Tanaka Siziba, Dasvibes foresees the Amapiano remix going even further than the original.

“The Amapiano remix is expected to redefine the dance genre landscape, offering a fresh interpretation of the original track. The collaboration with DJ Terry Moyaz and Tanaka Siziba, along with the incorporation of Amapiano elements, adds a new dimension to the music,” Dasvibes explained. “The artistes aim to weave together cultural influences, creating a musical tapestry that celebrates unity and diversity.”

The IT sector has intrigued Dasvibes since his youth. He was raised in Seaview Gardens, a tough community torn by gang violence. Like similar Jamaican communities, it has a rich music culture with Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Shabba Ranks, and Dexta Daps all raised there.

Initially known as DJ Wade, Dasvibes also listened to American country music (Charley Pride) and neo-folk (Tracy Chapman).

Living in Australia has enabled him to travel to countries such as South Korea, Japan and China, which has broadened his world view. The Australian music scene, once dominated by hard rock bands like AC/DC and Midnight Oil, has also evolved.

“The music scene in Brisbane and other major Australian cities is diverse and vibrant. Each city has its unique flavour and cultural influences. Brisbane specifically has a thriving indie and alternative music scene, with various live music venues and festivals. Melbourne is known for its diverse music offerings, including jazz, indie, and electronic music. Sydney hosts a wide range of music events, from mainstream pop to underground gigs. Perth and Adelaide also have active music scenes with a mix of local and international acts. Overall, Australia’s music scene is rich and varied, catering to different tastes and genres,” said Dasvibes.

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