Vonglobe released Crocs and Clarks video

by Dec 1, 2023News

Vonglobe released Crocs and Clarks video

Vonglobe’s long-awaited ‘Crocs and Clarks’ music video has been released, and from early indications, people are loving it.

The song, released some two months ago, is on the Full of Music Label. He has been getting a lot of love whenever he performs the song on stage. However, for the past couple of weeks, fans have been calling for the video.

“I definitely agree that seeing is believing. And, I am now satisfied that the video is out.”

Crocs are worn by both males and females. These were originally designed as waterproof boating shoes with non-slip soles and foaming material. By design, they are an excellent choice for the beach, pool, or water park and are ideal for short-term usage.

Crocs became popular during the pandemic period as people were forced to stay home and wanted light footwear to move around. However, with celebrity endorsement comes the wave of rising popularity.

Clarks, worn by both males and females, are crafted with real leather and iconic designs and are able to withstand the test of time. It has been popularized by a number of entertainers including Little John and Vybz Kartel.

According to Vonglobe, “The video is definitely of a low budget. The characters are limited, a decision I had made because I wanted full focus which includes Crocs and Clarks footwear.”

“We also chose the beach as the song was released during summer, and the background will add to the scenic beauty of the video,” he shared.

Vonglobe, born Devon Williams, attended Spanish Town High School. He has done extensive work, coaching innercity youths for Peace concerts, for which he has received high praise.

He is credited with some ten songs including ‘Love Is The Aim’ (Henfield Records), ‘So Sick Of Gunshot’ (Blue Ice), and ‘Religion Warfare’ (Mother Land).

Vonglobe is working on his latest project, ‘Life Is A Jungle’, to be released soon.

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