Carl Meeks is keen to revive his career

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Carl Meeks is keen to revive his career
While the deejay gained the ascendancy over singers in Jamaican music during the 1980s, vocalists still held their own throughout that decade. Carl Meeks was one of the artistes who kept their banner flying.

Known for songs like ‘Youthman’ and ‘Weh Dem Fah’, Meeks is featured on ‘Red Man International: We Run Things’, a 40-song retrospective of one of the 1980s’ most successful dancehall producers.

‘Youthman’ and ‘Weh Dem Fah’ are two of four songs by Meeks on the album. The others are ‘Heard About My Love’ (with Daddy Lilly) and ‘Danger’.

Meeks hooked up with the diminutive Redman shortly after placing second in the 1985 Tastee Talent Contest, a platform for artistes such as Nadine Sutherland, Yellowman and Beenie Man. He was introduced to Redman by “a good bredrin” and things took off instantly.

“It was a great time with Redman International. A good friend of mine introduced Redman to me and we developed a great chemistry. We were in the studio the next week recording,” the North Carolina-based Meeks recalled recently.

Prior to the Tastee Talent Contest, Meeks had recorded a handful of songs including ‘No More Secret’, released in 1983. From the Maxfield Avenue area of Kingston, he was a regular on sound systems such as Sugar Minott’s Youthman Promotions, as well as Kilamanjaro and Stur Gav.

At the time of his appearance on ‘Tastee’, Meeks was employed to Desnoes and Geddes, the brewery company that produced the world-famous Red Stripe Beer. Although he did songs for other top producers such as King Jammy and Jack Scorpio, it was with Redman International that he made his name.

‘We Run Things’ also includes 1980s dancehall gems like ‘We Run Things’ by Flourgon, ‘Old Friend’ by Sanchez, ‘My Lady’ (Courtney Melody), ‘No Trouble We’ (Rappa Robert and Tippa Lee), ‘Border’ (Pinchers) and ‘Slow Down’ by Frankie Paul.

The songs Meeks hit the charts with over 30 years ago earned him tours in Japan and Europe. With the release of the Redman collection, he is keen to revive his career in those regions, as well Jamaica which he has not visited since 2008.

“Wi plan to guh yaad in di near future, ‘cause dey suh a di heartbeat,” he said.

‘Tek Life’, ‘Feelings For You’ and ‘Never Fail’ are some of Carl Meeks’ latest songs.

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Weh Dem Fah

We Rule Dance Hall

Bad Boys (Who A Bad Boy)


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