Flourgon returns to his roots

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Flourgon returns to his roots
Before he became one of dancehall music’s biggest deejays, Flourgon remembers going to church regularly with his grandmother. As a child, the Word of God, not toasting to secular beats, was his sound of choice.

The veteran artiste returns to his roots on ‘Cast The First Stone’, a rollicking gospel song with singer Brotha George and deejay Damion Hawhorne. Co-produced by Brotha George and Andre “Dretegs” Hawthorne, the single was released in December.

The trio got together in New York recently and recorded the song, which is done to a frenetic beat associated with the Afrocentric Revivalist Church in Jamaica.

According to Flourgon, there was instant chemistry with Brotha George, his childhood friend, and Hawthorne, who are both members of the neo-gospel scene in the Big Apple.

“Brotha George find dis hook, an’ I find dis hook, an’ there comes Damion who bring in his melody an’ his vibes. It was jus’ good, it happen through blessings,” he said.

While he is usually affiliated with the Whitehall Avenue area of Kingston, Flourgon spent his early years in Cockburn Gardens, another gritty community that has produced noted musicians such as Sly Dunbar of Sly and Robbie fame, Tyrone Downie of The Wailers, and artistes including U Roy, Super Cat and Early B.

Strictly The Best 63
During the early 1970s, he remembers going to church regularly with his grandmother and relatives of Brotha George, who began recording secular music as George White late that decade.

“I’m a gospel artiste from birth because I was born in a home of prayer, ‘cause my mother was a prayer warrior an’ I grow up on prayer. I always have a love for di Almighty,” said Flourgon.

Born Michael May, Flourgon emerged as a major dancehall force during the late 1980s. He led a crew of artistes from Whitehall Avenue who broke through in that period; they included his younger brother, Red Dragon, Sanchez and Daddy Lizard.

Most of their initial songs were done for producer Winston Riley’s Techniques label. Riley produced ‘One Foot Skank’, one of his biggest hits, with other chart-riders being ‘Big Batty Gal’, ‘We Run Things’ and ‘Mi Love mi Girl Bad’ (with Sanchez).

In 2018, Flourgon sued American pop star Miley Cyrus for using a line from ‘We Run Things’ for her 2013 hit, ‘We Can’t Stop’. The case was settled two years later for an undisclosed sum.

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