Jahvante Campbell continues to Cry Peace in 2024

by Jan 9, 2024News

Jahvante Campbell continues to Cry Peace in 2024
Rastafarian singer Jahvante Campbell, known for songs such as ‘Mama I Love You’, is ringing in the New Year 2024 with ‘Cry Peace’, one of seven wonderful tracks on his soon-to-be-released EP, ‘Hot Pon Dem And Those’. This is a production of veteran producer Thug Chemist.

Jahvante, a Kingston-based singer, believes the world can be a better place if we begin to spread unity and love.

“We cannot support wars, no matter the supposedly gains these bring to any nation. Wars for ages have been known to take the lives of innocent children and even mothers. Wars are man-made plagues on human beings where churches and schools are bombed and even Christian communities are becoming a slaughterhouse as humans are treated as animals.”

The song ‘Cry Peace’, written by producer Thug Chemist, boasts the lines:
“Everyone a cry peace
The only one peace that they know
Is a gravestone marked Rest in Peace.”

In addition, another great track on Jahvante’s EP is ‘Slow Down’, an original by US-based Bobby Valentino who became famous when the song hit several charts.

“We did a remix of the song ‘Slow Down’ because it was then popular in Jamaica and one which made Jahvante, a household name in Kingston and beyond,” Thug Chemist shared.

The EP, titled ‘Cry Peace’, is produced by Lloyd Roberts for Thug Chemist production. Jahvante was born Marvil Campbell in Samerton St. James, a small farming district about 20 minutes drive from Montego Bay.

He was influenced by his grandfather Raphell, an addict to reggae music which he played ever so often from his record-changer. The young singer quickly established himself, performing on Sting 2000 and later gracing overseas stage shows in the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

“I was an opening act for Roland Burrell who had gone there to do a concert in 2007.”

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