Kyoni Recordz hopes to hit Six with Inner Voice

by Jan 26, 2024News

Kyoni Recordz hopes to hit Six with Inner Voice

Adrian “Kyoni Recordz” Bloomfield loves music as much as he loves cricket, and whenever he gets in the studio his mission is to hit as many sixes as possible.

The Canada-based record producer is hoping to score big with Jamaican-born Inner Voice, who is fastly becoming a reggae star to watch.

According to Kyoni, “Inner Voice has this special smooth velvet laced voice which attracts everyone. He collaborated with Capleton and scored big with ‘Beautiful Day’, a song that went to number one on Richie B’s Jamaican reggae charts.”

“It is refreshing to have positive songs like ‘Beautiful Day’, which inspires others going through tough times. There are too many problems and distresses in our daily lives. We need to leave all this baggage behind us when we wake up to a ‘Beautiful Day’.”

The song gave Inner Voice a lot of attention throughout the Caribbean and parts of Europe

“Inner Voice is another rare talent I came across in a WhatsApp group. I started to listen to his songs and was impressed by his wide range which stands out whenever he performs.”

“I wanted him on my production from 2023, but it did not happen and I made myself a promise to make it big for him in 2024.”

Inner Voice’s first project is a song titled ‘Surely’. It will be mastered and released by the end of March 2024. The song is on the same riddim as Jonelle’s ‘Come To Me’. In addition, Inner Voice has expressed the need for as many promoters to book him for shows this summer.

“I believe he deserves such a break because he will help his country to attract more visitors through music,” the producer shares.

Inner Voice, given-name Colin Russell, grew up in Kingston and Trelawny. His first release was ‘Fat Gal’ on the Hot Shot label (now Donroy Muziq) in 1998. His other songs include ‘Zoom’, ‘Sail Away’, ‘Close’ and ‘Never Knew Me’.

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