Sosuh Bonez has Sweet Music

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Sosuh Bonez has Sweet Music

Some people like bones because they claim it is sweeter because the taste gets better like good old wine.

Sosuh Bonez can stand up to any test, which includes determination and perseverance. These are two of many attributes he possesses that will lead him to stardom.

Since starting to take music seriously in 2015, he has released some eight songs. These include three tracks for Kyoni Recordz: ‘Living It Up’, ‘Envy’ and ‘Fake Friends’.

Not surprisingly, Sosuh Bonez has been involved in studio work as early as 12-years-old, attending Mannings Hill Primary.

“The studio named Mad Family was home-built at the house of one of my friends, with about seven of us sharing studio time. The equipment was mostly sponsored by families and friends. We met almost every day because we were demonstrating, a sense of maturity and love for music.”

“I started out doing impromptu songs, which means making lyrics on the spot. I love to rap in dancehall style with the themes being surrounding girls and the struggles youths experience in life.”

” I started performing at community concerts. Spectators gave me a lot of respect. This made me feel very good, and I wanted the entire world to recognize my talent.”

“I met Kyoni through a WhatsApp group. He responding to an original song I did, titled ‘Don’t Care’.

Sosuh Bonez says he would love to get international exposure. This, he feels, would improve his confidence and surpass his expectations.

For the rest of the year, Sosuh Bonez is expecting to release a few music videos to enhance those songs he has released, and more studio work for fresh productions.

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