Barrington Levy – Place Too Dark

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Barrington Levy - Place Too Dark


After partnering with his cousin Everton Dacres to form the Mighty Multitude, Barrington Levy, who was only 14 years old at the time, started his solo career in 1978. Under the guidance of producer Hyman Wright, Levy recorded numerous tracks that eventually made it onto his debut album, Bounty Hunter, which was released in 1979. Despite albums not holding much significance in Jamaica during that period, Levy managed to release three more albums in the same year: Shaolin Temple, Shine Eye Gal, and Englishman. The following year, he released two more albums, Robin Hood and Doh Ray Me, the latter being a self-produced album in the Radics/Scientist era and released in Canada and the UK. Doh Ray Me, featuring alternate vocal versions of songs from the Bounty Hunter and Shaolin Temple albums, was reissued in the US by Jah Life in 1997 under the title Place Too Dark. Over 25 years later, this album, with the addition of two bonus tracks, has been reissued by Brooklyn-based DKR.

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