Essae Jv wants to push his music to another level

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Essae JV wants to push his music to another level

Like most artistes, Essae Jv boasts a classic musical love story that began in the church many years ago. As customary, he sang on the choir, and it was there that he developed a profound interest in music. Essae was always confident, and he envisioned himself as a unique and extremely talented youngster. Unknowingly at that tender age, Essae was developing the appropriate mindset of a successful musician. His innate desire to succeed, coupled with his God given abilities served as a stepping stone to pursue his dream of becoming a recording artiste. His dream was to create music that would break barriers, afford a voice to the voiceless whilst expressing his thoughts on everyday issues.

His greatest influencers being Shaggy, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, and Bob Marley. Essae began creating freestyles and even wrote a few of them. He always made sure to showcase his talent, every chance he got from as early as 2007. Over the years, the love affair morphed into a life-long passion and soon he started writing music as a teenager. At the age of thirteen, Essae started entertaining his classmates during any break he got from academic learning by belting out lyrics that he had written down about school life, hardships, and the dream of success.

A new school environment as a sixth former contributed positively to Essae’s popularity and in realizing this could benefit his music; he quickly used this to his advantage. An added boost was the reception he received from his peers and even teachers as each performance was more memorable than the last. He then discovered that his music could be truly impactful and so a career was birthed. To date, he has managed to do quite a few professional recordings and numerous karaoke gigs. He has been receiving frequent radio play on prominent stations on the island and in Europe. Essae’s music can be described as a reggae and dancehall fusion which tackles a variety of controversial and thought-provoking issues. His style is distinctive yet not one dimensional as he infuses a variety of techniques to ensure his music is appealing yet catchy to all listeners.

His future endeavors are all designed to push his music to another level. Essae Jv has managed to release 2 EPs and an album. His first EP was titled ‘Dreamer’ which was released on May 20, 2020. The six track EP did well as tracks like ‘Imagination’ and ‘Dreams’ got a lot of streams and playlist additions. His second EP is called ‘Friendly Ghost’ which was released on December 18, 2020. The EP consisted of 5 solid tracks, ‘Fulfilling’, ‘Friendly Ghost’, ‘Victory’, ‘Wages’ and ‘Imperfections’. In 2021 Essae Jv only released a few singles however in 2022 he released his first album on his label, Fast Nation Music. The album, titled ‘Sinna Wid A Prayer’, made its debuted on the Reggae iTunes charts in The USA at number 19 and in Ghana at number 2. The album took his career to another level where he could see much more growth and expansion of his fan base. In 2023. Essae dropped another album titled ‘Blessings Vs Sacrifice’. This 12-track album with tracks like ‘Silent River’ and ‘Be Alright’ got major streams and airplays from popular radio stations in Jamaica, Gambia, Ghana, California and many more.

Currently Essae Jv is an independent artist. He has a solid support team of engineers, talented and passionate musicians, and producers like JStorm, Cubanis, Juggisse & Dahda Biggs from Ghetto Life Records.

Writer: Graig Douglas


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